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Hi This is

“Who the hell is this guy?” you must be wondering. I don’t really have much in the way of a grand introduction. I am a graduate in Mechanical Engineering, working as a full-time marketer and an undying passion for travel…….you know, the typical Indian youth. 
Anyway, enough of my backstory. Let me get to the point. The purpose of this personal blog is two-fold (apart from having way too much free time during this lockdown
1. I can (hopefully) inspire you to get out and start exploring
2. Let you know the ins and outs of travelling so that you don’t make the same mistakes I did

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that I am no professional at this personal blog and this travelling stuff. My first trip was on the 5th of April 2019 and until the lockdown due to coronavirus- the same lockdown which brought me to start this blog. I have been on 5 trips spanning 3 states. So, you know my expertise (or lack of it) when it comes to travelling.

I would strongly recommend you cross-check any information or advice I post here with other available sources to prevent the spread of misinformation. It’s enough of a menace right now and I do not want to be one to add to it.

If you want your travel experiences to be heard or have any suggestions, comments, (constructive) criticism, or just want to connect, do hit me up at



Growing up i heard a lot of crime stories from my father.Perks of having a Cop Dad.Serial killers and their way of operating things fascinate me a lot.At a point where i was jobless and clueless what to do next in life immediately after graduation i literally gone crazy reading tons of articles about Crime,Serial killers and Psychos.Although this area does not attract most of the people but out there there are people like me who reads lots of this stuff.If you want to know about some one or write about a story on my Personal Blog hit me up

I came from this region of the country where movies are celebrated larger than life.The land which gave india’s biggest blockbuster Bahubali.In telugu states the movies are a separate religion.Telugu people worship the movie stars.I can vouch for this in the entire indian only telugu people can show love to any star from any place or any movie if it satisfies them.

Growing up i was this crazy fan of regional Telugu films but when i am in Graduation i got access to the world cinema Boundaries are gone started watching all languages and followed by i started watching TV Series and became “THE PROFESSIONAL BINGE WATCHER”.However there are some movies and tv series i really love.this personal blog consists of My tastes in films and even i will write some amazing stories in Film making process of Popular movies also.If you want to write about films or want to write reviews to the newly released film or Series hit me up