Charles Sobhraj AKA THE SERPENT Part 1

Charles Sobhraj

It was the summer of 1972. An American Pilgrim named Jennie Bolivar found dead in a tide pool, with a small bikini in the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand.However, the police of Thai considered it was a Suicide case. It was only months later that the autopsy and forensic evidence revealed the drowning to be murder.She came to Thailand to find herself through meditation and devote herself to Buddhism. But she falls to the charm of 


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He is a Con Artist, a Charmer, an intelligent psychopath.He was called THE SERPENT or BIKINI Killer by his fans.Yes, this maniac had a set of fans who worship him. Even today Charles charges his supporters to get his Autograph postcard.Charles was one of the Serial Killer who was paid 15 Million for his Movie and Book rights.He was the wealthiest serial killer living on earth.

Who is

Charles Sobhraj

His full name is Hatchand Bhaonani Gurumukh Charles Sobhraj he was born on April 6th,1944

Sobhraj was conceived in Saigon to an unwed Vietnamese mother and an Indian (Sindhi) father who abandoned the family, for which the mother accused the Sobhraj.

Stateless from the start, he was then adopted by his mom’s new beau, a French lieutenant positioned in Indochina, however, was not given as much consideration as the couple’s later youngsters. Moving to and fro among France and Indochina with his family. Not feeling comfortable in neither spot, Sobhraj created order and character issues growing up and before long went to negligible wrongdoing as an adolescent.

He had committed many Petty crimes before actually started doing Murders. Charles committed every murder for his Financial needs sexual drive was never the factor for his killings.


Growing up, Charles travelled from one place to another place which actually helped him to move comfortably with strangers, especially Women. In his all murders he uses to charm the victim by his sweet poisoned words. 

In 1963, at Poissy prison outside Paris, Sobhraj was granted his first jail term (for burglars). He faced the harsh restrictions of detention with a mixture of self-defence and handling. Where he exploited prison guards to offer him specific advantages and became close to Felix d’Escogne, a vibrant prison volunteer.

After he was paroled, D’Escogne settled in and divided his time between the Paris high society and the criminal subworld. He began to earn money through a series of scams and burglars. He started a relationship with the conservative woman of a Parisian family, Chantal. Within a robbed train, he was arrested and sent back to Poissy for eight months the very night he proposed, while a loving Chantal was waiting for him.

When he was released, Sobhraj and Chantal had been married. He and a now-pregnant Chantal left France for Asia to avoid arrest soon afterwards, in the face of increasing suspicions by French authorities. 

They arrived at Bombay around 1970, when Chantal bore a baby girl. They passed across East Europe using false papers, robbing people who were friends of them.

The couple impressed India’s expatriate community. While Sobhraj re-established his criminal lives by running a car theft and trafficking activity, with income derived from his growing addiction to gambling.

In 1973 he had been charged and imprisoned in a buggy armed robbery at a jewellery store in the Ashoka Hotel. He fled from illness with the aid of Chantal, but they were caught both shortly afterwards. They fled India to Afghanistan, borrowing money from his Saigon father to save them.

In Kabul, the couple restarts their crime, robbing them following “hippie trail.” 

Sobhraj, once again being arrested, escaped in the same manner as in India, claiming illness and narcotics by hospital guards. After which he fled to Iran and leaving his family behind while always faithful to him, Chantal decided to leave behind their criminal history. She came back to France to promise never again that he will see him.

For the next two years, Sobhraj spent running and using up to 10 fake passports to visit many Eastern Europe and the Middle East countries. His younger brother André, who soon became a co-power in Turkish and Greek crimes, joined him in Istanbul; both had been imprisoned in Athens. When a scheme for identity reform was ripped down, Sobhraj fled in the usual way and left his brother. The latter was sentenced to 18 years after the Greek authorities had handed him over to the Turkish police.

On the run, again, Sobhraj financed his lifestyle by posing itself as a mysterious drug dealer to impress and defraud tourists.

  •  He met Marie-Andrée Leclerc from Lévis in Thailand, Québec, one of the many east visitors. Leclerc soon became his most devoted follower, blinding the eyes to his crimes and filandria with local women, compromised by Sobhraj ‘s personality.
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Sobhraj began to gather followers by helping them to get out of trouble, indebting them to him. However, he was actually the source of their misery. 

  • He supplied shelter to a Frenchman called Dominique Rennelleau, whose apparent illness was, in fact, a result of Sobhraj poisoning. 
  • He helped two former French cops, named Yannick and Jacques, to retrieve their passports he stole. 
  • A young Indian, Ajay Chowdhury, who became his lieutenant, also joined him. In the style of Charles Manson’s Sobhraj wanted to begin a crime of the sort.

Then the first (known) murders of Sobhraj and Chowdhury took place in 1975. The majority of the victims spent some time with the “clan” before their death. They were future recruits who tried to reveal Sobhraj according to some investigators. Teresa Knowlton, who was found to be burned like many other Sobhraj victims, was the first survivor. 

Shortly after that, in a tidal pool in the Gulf of Thailand, in the floral bikini, was found a young American Jennie Bolivar. The autopsy and forensic findings confirmed that the drowning was a suicide just months later.

To Be Continued



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