Terrifying Psychopaths Edition 1-The Tool Box Murders – 2


After they both meet outside, they started planning to pick girls in a van rather than a car. However, with much difficulty, they combined there resources and finances to buy a GMC cargo van in 1979 Feb. They remodelled the backside of the van with a small bed, cooldrinks, and a toolbox, which was consists of tools like Pliers, etc. to be used for Torturing the victims. They kept nickname for the van as “MURDER MACK.”

Murder Mack

They created a running hell on the roads. Then they started picking girls from beaches and night clubs by talking with them offering joint, cigars, etc. However, they first have done rehearsals that their plan will work or out by providing rides to the young ladies. They are testing their methods whether the girls will believe them or not, and they discovered a place in the san Gabriel mountains for there work.
The plan was ready. They had done test runs, and everything worked out well. They are done with trails, and they started the real work on June 24,1979 by kidnapping Lucinda Lynn Schaefer

The plan was ready. They had done test runs, and everything worked out well. They are done with trails, and they started the real work on June 24,1979 by kidnapping Lucinda Lynn Schaefer.

timeline of horrors by tool box murders Lawrence bittaker and roy norris

While Bitaker and Norris were committing this murder, Forensic is not that good as this days. They even make sure they are no shreds of evidence. They dump bodies off a cliff where Wild animals roam and search for food. There is no Physical evidence until Ledford. They left Ledford body in Open which was spotted by a Jogger next day. Though they left the body in Open, they were decidedly less evidence to investigate and to arrest them.

Soon after Ledford body was examined by Medical examiners, they stated the fact that they never seen women murdered with this level of Brutality. The team itself broke into tears imagining the horrors faced by a young girl. They were Blunt trauma force to Head, Breasts, Face, tearing of vaginal and Rectal lining, Multiple puncture wounds on Hand and So many.

One Girl Who Was Very Lucky Got Away From This Monsters
Shirley Sanders, a 19-year girl who visited California to spend time with her Father at the Manhattan Beach. After the meet, she was walking on the road, that’s when these monsters offered a ride where she declined and continued walking. Not satisfied with Rejection they tried again with Pepper Spray and dragged her into the Van and drove off. They repeatedly took turns and raped her. This time they are not that much attentive as with the before victims Sanders saw an opportunity and she ran for her life. However, they tried to catch her, but she escaped.

Immediately she reported the attack to Police. She was not able to identify killers because its night, she only gave the Van registration number and colour of the Van.
After this incident, Norris and Bittaker stopped there work because of fear for that one girl who escaped from there Grasp fearing for one day police will knock the door and bust there ass.


Leaving Ledford body in the open was not the reason these monsters are caught by police but over talking by Norris.
Norris once ran into his old Prison mate Dalton where he started bragging about the crimes they did. Sexual and mental satisfaction he got while killing those young girls. Throughout the conversation, he gave a feeling of Criminal Lord. In the beginning, Dalton didn’t believe it. Still, after a few days, Ledford body was discovered by the police, and the police statement to the public exactly matches with the statement of Norris. 

It was then that Dalton did what any responsible person would do. Dalton told the police officers at the Los Angeles Police Station what Norris had told him about the killings of four girls he had committed alongside Bittaker.He explained that the most recent discovery of Ledford’s body and he revealed some points even police didn’t report the Media. 

At first, the officer in charge of the case, Paul Bynum, was reluctant to focus on the claims of an ex-prisoner who had no other facts than the tales he had been told. But then Dalton reported that Bittaker and Norris were driving around in a silver truck, and that got the attention of Bynum. Remembered the statement made by Shirley Sanders, the victim of the rape, that the van in which she was dragged was silver Van.

A cop flew to Oregon to visit Shirley Sanders to see if she could recognize her attackers from a group of photos. Slowly and cautiously, she went through each one and then picked out the two pictures of Norris and Bittaker.Armed with Dalton’s deposition and Sanders’ accurate identification, Bynum has brought the matter to Steve Kay, the Assistant District Attorney. As it turned out, Kay had prosecuted Norris once before over a rape case.

And if he understood that if the two men were captured quickly, they would not be able to attack again, he believed it would be best to take some time to build a solid argument. He ordered that Bittaker and Norris be placed under surveillance. He was spotted on 20 November 1979 by officers selling marijuana. That was a breach of his conditions as he was still on bail, and there was no better choice but to arrest him. Police then detained Bittaker immediately after they had Norris, and both were charged with suspicion of Shirley Sanders rape and abduction.

Each defendant attempted to blame the other for the most heinous acts. Norris had claimed that he was high on drugs most of the time, incapable of resisting Bittaker. Yet a new story was revealed by the audiotapes, showing Norris as a real participant. Norris knew he had to do something to escape the death penalty. Norris led Inspector Bynum, Steve Kay and members of the Sierra Madre Search Rescue Team to the murder sites in San Gabriel in February of 1980. They discovered Leah Lamp and Jackie Gilliam, still hidden in Gilliam ‘s ear with Bittaker’s ice pick. Yet, no sign of Cindy Schaeffer or Andrea Hall was discovered. They have died forever. 

In exchange for Norris’ testimony against Bittaker, Steve Kay eventually offered to revoke the death penalty and accept a life sentence with eligibility for parole rights. Norris received the deal to testify against bittaker and took the deal

Disturbing Evidence
Ledford’s voice was identified by her mother. The voices of the two men on the tape were identified as Norris and Bittaker.
At the home of Norris, a bracelet was found that belonged to Shirley Ledford.

  • 500 Young women and teenage girls polaroid pictures some include nude photos of victims
  • Several bottles of acidic materials where Norris explained that are for the next job
  • Inside the van many items that can be linked to murders
  • Sledgehammer and bag with weights
  • A book about how to find police frequencies
  • Necklaces of Ledford
  • The most disturbing piece of evidence was an audiotape recording the murder of Ledford.

However The audio tape never came out but the transcript was released 

Bittaker: (Slapping Shirley) Say something girl, huh? Huh?
Ledford: What do you want me to say?
Bittaker: Huh, huh? Say something, girl! Don’t you hit me? Huh, huh?

Read the Remaining transcript LedFord torture

Ledford’s voice was identified by her mother and the voice of two-men on tape as Bittaker and Norris.Despite not finding all of the bodies, there was enough evidence for both Bittaker and Norris to be charged on multiple counts, including four counts of first-degree murder and one count of second-degree murder, based on the forensic evidence the investigators had and Norris’s confession.

Norris testified against bittaker that he committed the rape and tortures those poor souls. He even stated that Sexual act and intercourse was not the primary factor in his assaults and rapes, but domination is what gave him satisfaction. The probation officer of Norris came to a conclusion in his testimony that Norris can be considered a practical, extreme sociopath whose depraved.Disgusting behavior, a pattern is beyond redemption. He was sentenced to 45 years to life with the possibility of parole with his noris testimony against a bit take her dog bit, take her was sentenced to death for five murders.On March 24th, 1981, he recently died and the year 2019, naturally at the age of 79, awaiting for his death row while incarcerated on death row at San Quentin State Prison in December 2019.



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