Clouds,Coffee ,Horror and a Date with Gorgeous Coorg

From the moment I started travelling, I always heard these tales about this place called COORG-THE SCOTLAND OF INDIA. I heard stories of locals making their own wine, stories of those tasty homemade chocolates and that sexy weather.

Have you ever experienced this term “Love At First Sight”.It never happened with a girl but happened with Ms.Coorg aka Madikeri.


She was one stunning beauty which I always want to have a second date cause I was not satisfied with that one date. Two days were not in off for me to explore every inch of beauty. The trip which made me so sad while I was travelling back to Banglore.the place which made shit scared the place which I felt “Staying here is more than in off for this life”.

Coorg is a small town at the edge of Karnataka which offers best scenic viewpoints and the best homemade wine as they say. This town gets its name from the tribal people over there The COORGIS. This town provides the best bike rides, best trek points and best natural beauty.

The endless & Aimless bike ride with Doore Doore, Safarnama in my ears.the countless coffee’ s I had, The unexpected companionship and that touching of clouds at Talakaveri and that 

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If you ever go to Madikeri make sure you stay there more than 3 days and try Digital detoxification.Chilling cold with that small drizzling and endless Coffee is to die for in Madikeri. 

Experience and places around Coorg aka Madikeri

“N” no of waterfalls. Coorg offers not one but “n” waterfalls. The place is famous for its Waterfalls.

First thing I saw in Coorg. A prolonged auto ride to reach the place & That walk I took is pure bliss.


“Bus ride got more intense.”That bus ride from Coorg to Bhagamandala through one of the dangerous ghats of Karnataka with songs bursting from my earphones with locals staring at me was like something else.

Madikeri Fort :The ruins all together say a different story.

Homemade chocolates :Experience Coorg much sweeter

Homemade Wine :I tasted it. It was terrible, but people who have a habit say that it was best.

Mandalpatti Peak trek :The best trek I ever went on although I never reached the endpoint because the trek path was severely damaged and dangerous because of that heavy rainfall the other night.

The Raja’s Tomb :Raja’s Tomb is an impressive monument that remains an exquisite example of Indo-Saracenic design (Okay don’t see like that I copied this one effortlessly from Google).

Namdroling MonasteryIt is situated in Bylakuppe. It is not in the city you have to go back 35 Kms towards Mysore (The way which we come to Coorg) to see this marvellous architecture. Till today this too and fro nearly 100 Kms was the best bike ride I have ever had, that day my Scooty became my RE. That chilling weather with drizzling and my playlist from my phones.The only Monday in my life I have freaked the hell out of in happiness. 

Followed by the Famous RAJA SEAT

Its is famous, so obviously, you can expect people. However, it will always be useful to travel on an offseason where you can escape from people and the dense crowd.Though it was raining heavily, they are many people over there.

If you want to read detailed itinerary follow this link below

Coorg will be an excellent destination for a Solo trip as well as a Group trip.

Finally, I never loved shopping, but I had done a significant amount of shopping in Coorg. The streets are marvellous. Bought so many chocolates, Honey, Pork powder (Masala) and 5 Kgs of Coorg coffee powder.I know that I have not covered most of Coorg, but yet this managed to get into top place for this time because of its Sexy weather and Coffee.

To sum it up, I had gone all the way from Bangalore to Madikeri to enjoy Freezing weather with Drizzling, Songs in my ear with Coffee in hand.Because of busy office life, I didn’t get much info on Coorg which spoiled to see some places. Still, they are no small amount of regret because I already made my peace with Weather and Coffee.


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