Terrifying female psychopath edition 1 – Cynaide Mallika

On December 31 2007, entire India was shocked with the arrest of India’s first female Psychopath killer KD Kempamma aka Cyanide Mallika.

Female psychopath

While sequential homicides are typically thought to be a western marvel all in all  U.S. one specifically, India is no more peculiar to sequential homicide. Truth be told, Thug Behram, individual from the scandalous Thuggee faction in the mid 1800′s, was credited with specifically choking 125 men and saw the choking of 150 additional. He was one of the most productive sequential executioners who at any point lived.


One of its kind because there are only 150 females in a prison population of 4,800. Most say she left her family in the late 1990′s. She received two death punishments for crimes she did.

Who is female psychopath

Born in Kaggalipura located in Karnataka. She married a tailor who abandoned her in the late ’90s. Her husband, after her chit fund took massive losses. She was thrown out f the house at that time she had three children. For livelihood, she uses to do odd jobs and as a Domestic worker. She started stealing from the homes she uses to work.

Yashodhamma, 60, was the third victim. She was murdered in December 2007 in Siddaganga Mutt, Kyata-Sandra. Kempamma promised a ritual to give her asthma relief.

Muniyamma, 60, the fourth victim, wanted to sing holy people. She was from Yelahanka, and she was murdered at Temple Yadiyur Siddalngeshwar.

The fifth victim was Pillama, who was 60 years old. She was killed at in Maddur Vyadyanathapura. Pillama was a priest in the temple of Hebbal. Kempamma said she was going to sponsor a hebbal temple ‘s new arch.

The last victim of Kempamma was Nagaveni, a woman who was 30 years old and prayed to be pregnant as she had no children. She wanted a son. When she was sleeping, Kempamma murdered her.

In 2006, at a pilgrim ‘s centre in Kolar District, Kempamma was reported to have killed another victim, Renuka, 22 years old. On December 7, 2006, Renuka was murdered in a temple dormitory. Renuka ‘s sister Mani believed that Renuka could have been killed by Kempamma. Renuka lived at Mani ‘s house while Renuka’s husband worked in Dubai.

Mani worked as a domestic worker in a house where Kempamma worked as a cook. Kempamma visited Mani’s house often and befriended Renuka.

Renuka’s husband, Shankar, initially reported Renuka missing to the police on December 29, 2006, when he returned from Dubai. Renuka had been missing since December 7, 2006. Allegedly, Kempamma told Renuka that she could give birth to a male baby if Kempamma conducted a special ritual at a temple. The police asserted that Kempamma murdered Renuka at the synagogue. Many other families have also come forward claiming that their missing family members may have been murdered by Kempamma, as Kempamma knew them all. Five cases of missing persons were associated with Kempamma in 2009. Two of these five women’s bodies were found and subsequently linked to Kempamma.

mallika 9

Kempamma the female psychopath aka Cyanide mallika was arrested for the first time in 2001. Bidadi Police arrested her as she tried to steal jewels from a house where she was to perform a ritual. She was sentenced to 6 months’ jail & She was released after serving.

On December 31, 2008, at a bus stand, Kempamma was arrested and detained after attempting to sell victim’s jewels. Kempamma had used the name of Jayamma, and the police were flagging her after they got a tip. On her body, she had some of her victims’ money and valuables. She confessed her guilt when her statement was accepted by the police. She was only motivated by robbery by the police.

In separate trials, Kempamma has been accused of multiple murders. She was sentenced to death in 2010 for the killing of Muniyamma, and another death sentence was imposed for Nagaveni ‘s murder in 2012. She was given the death penalty. The first woman in Karnataka was Kempamma to earn the death penalty. Her sentence was commuted to life in jail for the murder of Nagaveni. The judgment was transformed as the court found that Kempamma was seen only to be circumstantial.

In 2017, Kempamma was again in the headlines because she was V. K. Sasikala ‘s prison neighbour. Kempamma asked to see her again and again when Sasikala was there. Kempamma was later moved to another prison, reportedly because it posed a threat to the life of Sasikala. But others denied it, saying that both are nice. During meals, Kempamma would also bring her Sasikala ‘s food, as Kempamma didn’t want her to wait for food in line.
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India Today

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