Horror Experience On My 2nd Solo Trip at Coorg Karnataka


I have experienced it at Coorg Karnataka. It was Sept 1st I experienced fear though I have gone to Cemetery at dead of the night. I have done so many mischievous things I never know what happened that day it literally shook me up. Maybe I am alone in a Forest or running dogs or Owl hoot. It literally felt like a Horror movie.
Coming to the story……..
So it was August first week just after completing my Hampi tour with friends

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I am sitting in my office already planning for the next trip. So after a long research of 1 hour, I finally concluded to go for Coorg, Madikeri. Growing up, I am a big fan of Hill stations, mainly for its weather. I just love sipping a cup of coffee watching the clouds running away, and I heard a lot of stories about Coorg and its sexy weather.

So the game plan is ready for the next trip I am going on Aug 31st, that is Saturday evening. On the coming Monday, it was a Hindu festival, so we have been declared a holiday. Being a budget traveller, I set a limit of 3,500 for this trip. Already 700 was spent on Bus charges, and I know another 1500 will go on Bike booking, so I thought of cutting my expense at Bed.

Madikeri is a remote area you cant find hostels a lot over there. You can find homestay at the cost of around 1000 per person. I was very adamant about my budget. I booked a bed at a hostel called Manyana Hostel Coorg. The hostel was an absolute stunner though the process of reaching it was terrifying, especially on late nights which cost me around 300 bucks taught it’s a good deal. I don’t know that I am going to experience one of the scariest moments of my life.

Coming to the story, I landed in Coorg on Sept 1st Sunday, and in the first look, I have fallen in love with Coorg.Those sprinkles of rain, that freezing temperature, and a hot coffee. Felt like heaven has come on the earth and parked in Coorg.

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So I completed some places that morning I was the dumbest guy I have never checked the address of the hostel I only know it was 8 km from the main stop and I will go on my bike.
I went to a place Talakaveri that day. So to reach this place we have to go through a ghat road which has so many curves and go to another Village Bagamandala. From there you can hire an Auto.

They say Coorg to Bagahamandala was one of the dangerous roads in Karnataka. So while I am going on the bus (bike booking is for the night), I wondered how this road will be at night, and it will be playing ludo with fear and death, but ever I taught I will play that night. 

So I completed Talakaveri and came back to Coorg. I had to go to a room by 8:00 clock, but I thought I will chill here for 2 more hours in a resto cafe listening to the live karaoke taking place. It was almost 11:30 the entire bus stand was closed, and the waiter of the cafe I was enjoying for the last two hours also informed me of its closing time. So I took my mobile and opened Google maps just to see the surprise god is going to give me.


The hostel is situated in the way to Baghamandala I have to travel 4 km on that ghat road. Another 5 km inside the Coorg forest to reach this hostel I realized it’s a No signal area zone people come to that hostel for a digital detoxification. That’s the moment I know how fucked up the situation is. Still, I taught I am brave I can deal with the night, after all, I am a cult fan of Batman. 
“Jai Batman Jai Dark Knight Jai Bruce Wayne”

So I started travelling towards Baghamandala. At the dead of the night when the entire Coorg is sleeping in a sound sleep, I started my journey to Manyana Hostel Coorg through the woods of Coorg via Baghamandala Ghat road.

Though the ride is short, it felt like ages. So I entered Ghati road, which was pitch dark, and they are no lights in my view just darkness roaming around me. Except for my Bike light, nothing is there. My heart started pumping faster immediately. I took earphones and kept songs on shuffle—loud sounds pumping out of my earphones. I am travelling on a no-man road. I drove around 3 Kms I came across a Café & then took a deep breath, stopped my vehicle over there and ordered a coffee. I had my cup of coffee at that time the café owner asked me.

Convo happened in Kannada and Broken Kannada with English.

Cafe: Ī samayadalli nīvu ellige hōguttiddīri (Where are you going at this time)

Batman: Manyana Hostel

Cafe:Nimage meduḷu illana Ī samayadalli ā rastege hōgalu nimage ā araṇya rasteyalli beḷaku kūḍa siguvudilla (You don’t have the sense to go to that road at this time you can’t even find a light on that forest road)

Batman with tension: Do you guys have rooms?

Cafe: No,Idu kephe alla hōṭel (this is a Cafe not hotel)

They were no option for me. I took a long breath and started my journey. So I reached half the distance and took the dead right, which was supposed to lead into the forests of Coorg. I was driving my rented scooter with a 40Kmph speed at that moment I heard someone ran past my backside when I stopped the bike and take a look back; someone was standing in front of my vehicle. I was shocked he was 6ft around 70-80 Kgs in a Police dress holding a lathi in his right hand and torchlight in the left hand. He flashed it on me and asked.


The officer asked :
Ī samayadalli nīvu yāru mattu nīvu illi ēnu māḍuttiddīri (who are you and what are you doing here at this time)
I said about the hostel.
He replied which hostel they are no hostel with that name here that’s the moment my heart slipped.

Then I showed him the mobile then he constable took a look at my mobile and said to his SI that Manyana Hostel means that Bunker hostel. Then they told from here it is 4 km go straight you will get the hostel Be careful on that road so many dogs will be there over there he said 

I said thank you and started my scooty.I heard someone is running. My heartbeat raised, and I twisted the accelerator. Then I take a dead right when my headlight fell between the crop fields (Forest plantation). I noticed someone standing in between the paddy fields I accelerated my bike.


I had this weird habitat of listening to the OST of the films and TV Series. Due to the Shuffle mode Stranger things OST played. Think dude is trying to bluffing out or something it happened. When the music is playing, I am imaging the dementors I was moving at that particular moment, “My bike lost its power.”I tried starting it like so many times, but I am not able to start. I tried starting it was taking power, and it’s losing immediately after nearly 10 min of struggle I got this idea that this scooty will have this kickstand.

When I wear the stand, I took a glance at the fields and noticed not one but two people staring at me immediately, my bike has started. Still, the light is not turning on, then quickly I turned the blinker and began to travel. Through the journey, I am listening to the sounds of someone running from my backside. And finally, see the light amidst of darkness. I took a long breath and went to that house.

An Old man came outside and asked rudely what do you want who are you. I asked him about Manyana Hostel; he said I don’t know any hostel just get out. Immediately his wife came between and asked me, Son, what you want. So I said I am looking for this hostel with the bunker beds, then she showed the way it was 1 km from here. I am taking a deep breath; the old lady invited me inside and gave me a cup of water. 

Growing up I was this huge Movie buff particularly Horror movie buff they house was just like this one in the movie “the last house on the left“.The plot was an Elderly couple invites a group of strangers and start killing them. She asked me had the dogs chased you?


I said Yes

It’s okay you are almost home going to hostel take a nap. Then I started my bike and went to the hostel. Immediately went into the Restroom, and had a bath with cold water at that freezing temperature. I had a good night over there with a couple of strangers who are already there. The next day while going through the road I again meet the Old couple and lend my thanks and gave them Chocolates that I bought in store as gratitude for lending me a glass of water at that high moment.

Then I went through the fields road and saw a small shop over there I went over there to have a cup of coffee, and I was shocked to see the death memorial posters of the police over there.

I was fucking shocked to see those posters and asked the Tea stall owner who are they?

He said they are this area police department who are brutally murdered in those fields. People claim that they saw this people couple of times at night.

Wait a minute have you also saw them?

I Said yes…..


That day I understand when you are not in your senses, we can’t even think properly. It’s a paddy field, and they are scarecrows kept in the area. 

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The bike stopped because it has some connection problems the entire next day it troubled me a lot stopping so many times.
On my way, I even met those police officers.

And followed I went to explore Coorg That “MONDAY WAS CRAZY “
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That night experience was the best horror experience even though I went to Cemetery alone at night I never got feared there but don’t know what happened.

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