Terrifying Indian Serial Killers-1 -Auto Shankar

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Gauri Shankar was born in 1954 in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Madras was the city of dreams at that time. He felt that Madras was made for him, also reached Madras. Shankar dreamt of becoming a hero in Kollywood because of his Interest in Film, Painting and Dance. It was Shankar’s first love, and Madras was Kollywood’s heart. He settled in Periyar Nagar, taking the work of a painter.


However, Shankar tried to get into Kollywood but due to failed attempt, his dreams of getting into films shattered. He started Driving Auto for Livelihood.
In the early 80s, auto-rickshaws became the number one transport of illicit liquors. Gauri Shankar became a Liquor smuggler for Easy Money.
At the same time, he used his Auto for ‘savaaris’ of young women exploited in the burgeoning flesh trade then for more easy money.


With the help of his younger brother Mohan, Eldin and the accomplices Shivaji, Jayavelu, Rajaraman, Ravi, Palani and Paramasivam he created his own gang. He also formed his own band.

Nine girls from Thiruvanmiyur disappeared in 1988, and a complaint was lodged against the police. The police, who had full knowledge of Shankar’s exploits, got involved in the matter. They said that all the girls were working in the sex racket and they run away from home. But when the family members of the girls continued to deny this allegation, then the police looked into the matter.The officers, who knew the activities of Shankar, took part in the matter. We said all the girls work in the racket and flee from home. Yet when the girls’ families tried to dispute this allegation, the police believed it.

  • Shankar along with his gang was Found guilty of Six Murders
  • They were tried for the murders of Lalitha, Sudalai, Sampath, Mohan, Govindaraj and Rav


Indian Serial Killer

Initially, police thought that the girls had been sold into prostitution by families unable to afford wedding dowries. Still, persistent denials by their family have forced them to try another explanation.
A schoolgirl Subalakshmi late in December lodged a complaint that some auto driver tried to abduct her in front of a Wine shop.
Polices who worked undercover in the local wine shops was rumoured that behind the murders was a car driver called Shankar. Disposed of the corpses by cremating them and dumping the remains into the Bay of Bengal. The following morning, the police picked up the suspect who overnight became known to the nation as “Auto Shankar.”

Shankar and his gang were found guilty of six murders, committed over two years in 1988–1989. i. The bodies of the victims were either burnt or buried inside residential houses.


Shankar’s trial was completed by the Chengalpattu sessions court. He was sentenced to death along with two of his associates, Eldin and Shivaji, on May 31, 1991.During his trial Auto Shankar blamed films for “making a devil of him”, but a month before his execution, he revealed to reporters a more sinister force. According to his account, he had kidnapped the girls for powerful state politicians, subsequently disposing of them after his patrons had raped them. Auto Shankar was hanged in Salem Central Prison

In 2002, Shankar’s five accomplices were sentenced to six months of Rigorous Imprisonment after having been found guilty by a Magistrate. The accomplices were Shankar’s brother, Mohan, Selva alias Selvaraj and the jail warders Kannan, Balan and Rahim Khan. They were found guilty of criminal conspiracy and resistance or obstruction by a person to his lawful apprehension.

Subsequently, Shankar’s younger brother, Auto Mohan, was also found guilty of the six murders and was awarded three life sentences. Mohan had earlier escaped from the Chennai Central Prison in August 1990 and was re-arrested in Pune on June 25, 1992.


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K. Vijay Kumar, the Tamil Nadu Additional Director-General of Police, claimed that cinema was solely responsible for making Shankar a criminal. He mentioned this during a seminar on “Crime and Media” in Kerala.
The trial has become widely known across the nation since the Supreme Court invoked the American free speech doctrine, and the case became oft-quoted concerning cases of exposing.

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