Terrifying Indian Serial Killers-2 – Amardeep Sada

Most of the people think that Serial killers are someone who becomes very violent at there teenage. Go on a killing rampage when they have a sense of the world, or they know how the world operates.

However, the serial killing tendencies start at an Earlyage it takes time to convert that rage into action. Still, they are some children who turned Killers at a very young age .

Terrifying Indian Serial Killers 2 -
Indian Serial Killers

Meet the Indian Serial Killer Amardeep Sada who is the world’s youngest serial killer at only 8 years old. He was born in 1998 in Begusaray, Bihar, India in a poor family; his father is a laborer in Musahri village. In 2006 Amarjeet killed his 6-month-old niece, a maternal uncle’s daughter. He murdered his own 8-month-old sister shortly after followed by a neighbor’s 6 month old daughter named Kushboo.He was arrested on May 30th, 2007.

Sada’s conduct surrounding the discovery of his murders, however, worsened the situation. Specifics about the case remain hidden in mystery because of his young age.Given this, there are some very fascinating facts, along with various photos of the young killer, his family, and even one picture of a crime scene.

Sada started killing about a year before he was eventually handed over to the authorities. When the murders occurred, he was just seven. He murdered at least three times in one year. All of his victims were babies from the local village, with the oldest being his eight-month-old sister. Why he chose babies is unclear, because of their inability to protect themselves.


story of the youngest indian serial killer amarjeet sada who only kills infants 2

When Sada committed his first two murders, his parents covered up. Amardeep Sada started his murder spree with his cousin and sister, it’s hard to understand why his family covered up the first two deaths. But cant question them because it was the Parental instinct to save there, Kid.That was the biggest mistake they did which ultimately was the reason for another baby murder.


Kushboo ‘s mother, Chunchun Devi, left her daughter at the village school to sleep while she went to tend to her chores. When she returned, her daughter was gone. Knowing about the past of Sada he was confronted regarding Kushboo.He is very proud of his actions, gladly recounted the gory tale of how the infant was killed. He then led the villagers to the shallow grave for Kushboo which he had dug. 

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The police were shocked to see Sada smiling when he was asked why he has killed that three babies, and in return, he asked for Biscuits.


He was very open, and he freely admitted without any pushback that he killed three babies with brick.
He was reportedly happy to admit to the murders. As police discovered the body of six-month-old Kushboo in a shallow grave and the body also indicated that she was bashed with a stone-like substance which matched Sada words.they believed Sada words and charged him with first-degree murder.
Shamshad Hussain, a psychoanalyst, told reporters that Sada was definitely a sadist who considered hurting others pleasurable.

A psychologist working on his case clarified that “such an outburst may be inherited and may be caused by significant chemical brain upheavals.” According to a former professor of psychology at Patna University, when he committed the murders due to his disorder of conduct, Sada had no sense of right or wrong. Medication is believed to be able to regulate the levels of chemicals in his brain

Indian Criminal Court has other plans because of an extreme chemical imbalance inside the brain of Sada, he gets a sense of pleasure from causing injuries on others.Indian law prohibited Sada from facing any lifetime legal repercussions. In reality, three years in a juvenile prison was the absolute longest sentence the young serial killer could face. Understandably, there were many questions about Sada’s mental state. No detail was released publicly about his arrest, sentencing and any subsequent incarceration. Some speculate that he spent three years in a psychiatric facility. In 2015, Amardeep Sada approached the media to say that he lived in a youth home until he was 18 years old.


On his 18th birthday, which was in 2016, Sada would have received complete freedom, so he presumably left the youth home behind and began the next chapter of his life. Some sources suggest the young man changed his name to “Samarjit” to help protect his privacy.

Now Sada was leaving some where in Peace as Samarjit Lets hope he Stays that way without any Relapse

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