Best Malayalam Movies-Amazing 10 from Kerala

Out of all the Film industries in India i had this huge respect for malayalam movies for its Versatility and its Naturality.This industry offers one of the best films made in India and has one of best actress actors in India.When i was on a trip to Kerala i noticed many things that are closely related to films in Reality

Malayalam Movies

Counting My Top Ten Malayalam movies



When I was watching DQ Kali, I was irritated to the core with the character of Soubin Shahir. That’s where he excelled as an artist. So after so many days, I came across a Malayalam Trailer teaser to be precise by the name Ambili. I was surprised to see Soubin Shahir, and I went deep about him turns out he is a very senior artist who done nearly 35 Films in Malayalam.

The Plot follows Ambili, a naive and wide-eyed young man, who has a problem with his Mental growth still behaves like a child despite his age. He is adored by everyone for his quirky traits. He hopes to marry his childhood love, Tina, and restore the lost bond with his friend and Tina’s brother, Bobby.

North 24 Kaatham

09-North 24 Kaatham

Still not figured out how this Malayalam movies writer comes with straightforward plots but yet they manage to hook us till the last frame. This film stars one of the best actors of this generation FAHAD FASIL.Deals with a Young man who has a problem with Socialising with people go on a road trip with two strangers A Girl and an Old man because he fails to catch his train to Kochi This plot is simple but it defines some key points of life and death.



Parvathy Menon undoubtedly the best actress of this generation from the Malayalam movies.She is one of the rarest actress who can pull of any role with a ease.She was one of the reason today Malayalam movies are getting noticed This film is quite famous for its Plot.The film brilliantly deals with “How a girl stands on her feet after an Acid attack ” and it also deals the Toxic Relationship

Angamaly Diaries

7.Angamaly Diaries

This Film gained cult status after its release in malayalam,Story follows how a young man has succumbed into the local gang wars who has a dream of settling abroad with his Girl friend.This movies offers the best BGM,Cinematography and action episodes are lit on fire this film was real to the core.

Angamaly Diaries

6.Ustad hotel

One of the earliest Malayalam movies i watched was USTAD HOTEl. A quite famous one because of its lead characters. This film serves a complete meal.This film tried to convey “Passion with dignity and aspiration makes a person perfect, irrespective of financial gain” and it conveyed it to the best.Bond between Faizal and Kareem was a treat to watch.If you are thinking of to start a Good malayalam film start with this one.



Prithivi Raj and Nazriya excel in this film. I have seen so many films on Brother and Sister every movie till today, which delivers the Cliche plot “Sister is in Trouble brother goes there rips his shirt and help her”. But this was an exception. This celebrates the relationship between them. How Joshua realized about his life.The scenes between Nazriya and Prithviraj was a treat to watch. Songs and Cinematography is like next level 

Bangalore Days

4-Bangalore Days

Malayalam movies without Bangalore days is almost imposbbles for non malayalee.The film took the south by a storm.The bond between lead characters and Fahad fasil,Music and the movie setting in Bangalore everything was just perfect for this film.Be the cast ,dialogues and Bangalore.

Plot follows Cousins, Divya, Kuttan and Arjun, fulfil their childhood dream of relocating to Bangalore. As they embrace the warmth of the city, they also face challenges that transform their lives.

Maheshinte Prathikaram

3-Maheshinte Prathikaram

Never taught a Film can hook you only with the actor’s Presence a pure classic example of Fahad natural and brilliant acting.That ending i don’t know this thing whether that type of films comes to him or not .Fahad Fazil movies have this power packed ending with Fahad going Berserk (This one ,Kumbalangi nights,Varathan)

Kumbalangi Nights

2-Kumbalangi Nights

This film is next level .Shows the most controversial topic Masculinity in a different light and again this film delivers the best of Fahad and as i said before the last 30 Minutes is best part.Entire 1 hour 30 minutes is a part and last 45 minutes is like another level.Brilliant stuff by Fahad

Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi

1-Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi

How many films may come in the near future in Malayalam for me this film stands top being a travel freak. This film was the prime factor that I fall in love with Malayalam films. Although Premam is the first film I watched but not a fan of that film followed by Bangalore days, and this was the third film. I just love the way this film, Everything in this was like picture-perfect Songs, Dialogues, BGM.

The plot follows two young men go on a bike ride to Nagaland from Kerala in search of Dulquer girlfriend. On their way, they experience several life-defining moments.

You think this guy had not really dig into roots of Malayalam films .They are lot more better than this Flicks.Then hit me up with a mail or comment on the post

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