Terrifying Psychopaths Edition 1-The Tool Box Murders – 1

In today world especially in Travellers the word HITCHHIKING is so popular traveling from one place to other place without spending a dime is new way of travelling. But they are days where in America people feared taking Hitch rides because of psychopaths from the year 1970-1975 most of the serial killings happen to the people who hitch a ride to the strangers

  •  The Zodiac 
  • Aileen Carol “Lee” Wuornos Pralle 
  • Santa Rosa hitchhiker murders
  •  The Tool Box Murders – Bittaker and Norris 


In the year 1990, the entire American law system has trembled with fear, an audio recording has affected their lives forever. It was a horror in the courtroom as they wept in tears imagining the horrors faced by the young girl Shirley Lanford. For 17 minutes, the courtroom witnessed the fear, pain, agony the desire of the little young girl to kill her instead torturing her demonstrated by the voice of Ledford in the tape. The crime carried by the monsters kept the Americans in mourning.

That tape was one of the most brutal pieces of evidence for man sadism, and it was one of the most mind disturbing because of its brutality. The tape never came out but It still lies in the archives of Quantico. In Quantico, Recruits are made to listen to this audiotape to desanitize them for the Raw brutality of rape and Sadism .”Everyone who heard the tape has had it affect them for the rest of there lives. I picture those young girls How alone they were when they went through all this torture” this is the exact words of Kay the Judge Magistrate of the Bittaker and Norris

Who are this Psychopaths Bittaker and Norris?What are the crimes they carried?


Lawrence Bittaker was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on September 27, 1940 as the unwanted child of a couple who had chosen to not have children. Bittaker was placed in an orphanage by his natural mother and was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. George Bittaker as an infant. Bittaker’s adoptive father worked in the aviation industry, which required the family to frequently move around the United States throughout his childhood

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Roy Lewis Norris was born in Greeley, Colorado, on February 5, 1948. Norris was conceived out of wedlock; his parents had married to avoid the social stigma surrounding illegitimate birth at the time. His father worked in a scrapyard, and his mother was a drug-addicted housewife. He occasionally lived with his parents throughout his childhood and adolescence. Still, He was repeatedly placed in the care of foster families throughout the state of Colorado.

Bittaker Developed a mind for unlawfulness at the young age os 12 Years. He was caught and arrested for Shoplifting. Despite arresting him, he never stopped, use to repeat the offences at a certain point in time. The police know exactly where to look and whom to catch if they ever encountered a Shoplifting case. True Crime Corner: Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris -Out of 10 Serial psychopaths, nearly 7 are with a High IQ according to research done by the American medical council. Bittaker has an IQ level of 138, which was high despite his IQ level; he was a Highschool dropout.

 He dropped out of the School in the year 1957 because he felt the entire process of education is barbarous, and he thought they are repeating the same lessons in a different manner. He dropped out of the School so that he can be on his own terms. After dropping out, he took a role as a machinist where he started doing murders.

Roy Norris had a moderately better childhood, unlike Bittaker; however, he experienced abuse and neglect. He was blamed by his parents as an unwanted child; they married because of him. He was bounced back between Foster homes and real homes in his childhood. The abuse and neglect of parents made him paranoid. He received a lot of abuse from foster parents. Those were the days people use to run foster care just to get benefits from the Government. They use to abuse the foster kids violently so that they will flew from the homes. 

The exact scenario happened with Roy.He was sexually abused when in the care of a Hispanic family ( Foster family of Roy). While living with his birth parents at the age of 16, A event altered his life,Roy norris has been accused of Sexual Talking by a near relative . She ordered him to leave her house and she reported this incident to his father . Norris father beat him to near death . Norris stole his father car and drove to Rocky Mountains where he attempted to commit suicide by injecting pure air into an artery in his arm . 

Upon return Noris was informed by his parents that he and his sister were unwanted children . A Year after his sucidal attempt Norris had dropped out from high school followed by he went to join the US Navy and stationed in Vietnam that was the point where Roy was addicted to Drugs . He started using Cocaine and Marijuana he was dropped from the service when he started attacking women violently and sexually

The Meeting of Minds

California’s men’s colony was the place where Norris and Bittaker met for the first time. By the time Norris came to jail Bittaker was arrested on charges of Murder and Shoplifting whereas Roy was arrested on the costs of an attempt to rape

The pair gradually became more closely acquainted and began talking in friendly terms. Bittaker saved him from being attacked by fellow inmates on at least two occasions

The couple had become close acquaintances. Discovering they shared a common interest in sexual violence and misogyny, with Norris also divulging to Bittaker the biggest stimulation for him was of seeing frightened young women, adding this was the primary reason he had amassed a lengthy record for sexual offences.

 Bittaker who is not known to have committed any sexual crimes before he meets with Norris. He divulged that if he ever raped a woman, he would kill her so as not to leave a witness to the crime. No one ever taught two inmates will release a claustrophobic effect on the society upon their release

Bittaker was released on Dec 1978 he went back to Los angles and started working as a machinist. He began improving connections at the late night clubs with young girls and waiting for his partner to come to the town so that they can get into Action.He made friends with the local youngsters by offering Marijuana

Norris was released from the prison on Jan 15,1979. He started working as an Electrician and not long after he received a letter from Bittaker


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