Terrifying Psychopaths Edition 1-The Tool Box Murders – 3

Tool Box Murders

Nothing is worse than seeing going through the hell of Torture the entire Court has been an audience for Ledford tape. People, Officers, Lawyers walked out of the Court because they are not able to take it. That tape has taken a toll on everyone who are present that day it has ultimately effect there Lives forever. The weeping and visible cries of distress disturbed the seasoned investigators and prosecutors profoundly. The last minutes of this woman’s life had to be attended to.

The most damnable proof during Bittaker was the audio recording he made of Shirley Ledford’s Torture and murder. For 17 minutes, courtroom bore witness to the terror, panic, desperation and pain demonstrated by the voice of Ledford as she screamed. The police had found the tape in the car. Norris told him that he played the tape again and again as he rode for weeks in the truck. 

However, the Audio was never released, but the Transcript was available. If you think you can read it here is the Link  The Transcript.

There were more than 100 people in the courtroom on the day the tape was played. Most, including the jury, cried while listening as the tape was played. Some people covered their heads, and others fled from the courtroom before the recording was finished. Bittaker grinned, completely unbuttered by the material in the shocking video.

In 1990 the actor Scott Glen, who played FBI-profiler Jack Crawford, got into touchIn preparation for his role as Jack Crawford in Silence of the … with John Douglas at Quantico as part of his research while development was underway for the hit movie The Silence of the Lambs. Douglas showed him around Quantico and some of the items he had worked with, These items included the tape recording of Shirley Ledford. After listening to the record, He went from Quantico in tears. Bittaker doesn’t have any Remorse for killing them. He even gave many interviews, but one interview with the BIZZARE journalist in the year 2007 became famous.

Your case was used during research for The Silence Of The Lambs. Have you ever seen the movie?
I’ve seen bits of it, but those types of movies don’t appeal to me. I have no preoccupation with murder mysteries or sexual-assault mysteries. I can’t relate to the movie. It’s too wacky.

What was your motivation for the crimes?
I’m going to tell you the truth. My psychosexual development stopped when I first got incarcerated at 16. I’ve spent 40 of my 65 years in jail. It destroyed my social and sexual development. I never had a normal upbringing. My family life was like I was a boarder. I don’t hate women. I can’t understand raping an 80-year-old woman. You’re raping someone who’s unattractive. Something is screwy with that. But I can understand the rape of an attractive girl who turns you on. I love girls, young and attractive. My fantasy is a girl screaming, but because of pleasure. My whole life I had no woman who loved me. And that’s what I wanted so bad. That’s why I took the girls into the mountains.

How do you feel about women?
I like women. I don’t think they’re beneath us. I got wrapped up in a screwball fantasy. It wasn’t exciting. Well, it was exciting in a certain sense. Age is not relevant as long as they’re young and attractive. I got a problem with women anywhere near my adopted mother’s age. My adopted parents were kind of old when they adopted me, in their 40s. Having sex with a woman of that age reminds me of my mother, a sex object.
What happened during the Lamp-Gilliam murder?
Roy was the one who got excited about having sex. I kind of stumbled into it. Technically, it was rape; they were snatched off the street and tied up. But we treated them well. We partied with them. Gave them food, smoked marijuana and drank. Given the circumstances, it was the most friendly rape situation. I’m the local friendly rapist.
You’ve said you were more attracted to Gilliam. What turned you on about her?
She said she was a virgin. You wouldn’t know it by doing her. She was mature, well-developed, didn’t have wide hips. I can’t remember how many times I did it with her over the two days, had to be three times. We spent Sunday noon to Monday midnight together. The tape I made with her was only a couple of minutes long. I played it later for some kids in my neighbourhood.
The FBI interviewed you twice to learn about serial killers. What was that experience like?
Yeah, John Douglas [a now-retired FBI profiler]. He thought he was smart. He dressed down for me. He brought another FBI agent, Mary Ellen O’Toole. She was hot. CBS and The FBI were going to produce a show called Criminal Minds, based on my case, that was an hour-long special, primetime. But they weren’t allowed to do it because San Quentin wouldn’t give them the interview time.

What was your problem with Douglas?
Well, the first thing I mentioned was that he dressed down. He wore denim and a jacket. This guy thinks he’s slick. He thought he could
fit in with me. He thought calling a woman a bitch in front of me would get me to like him. He thought he could con me. I wasn’t saying anything. I can’t blame the guy for trying. He was playing little mind games. He used the term ‘bitches’. I don’t refer to females as ‘bitches’.

Are you homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual?
I’m adaptable. Because of my 40 years of incarceration, I have had more sex with men than women. It’s easily accessible in prison. It’s right there. Why not just do it? I used to live with a woman in Hollywood. She was totally beautiful from the waist up. But when she raised her dress, she was a drag queen. She was from El Salvador. It was available, satisfying. She was a professional entertainer.

Did you have a sexual relationship with Roy?
Check the Remaining Interview Here  
The Interview With The Monster

This case was categorised one of the most brutal cases. After this case, People was literally shaken with fear for Hitchhiking, and they were a rise of Copycat serial killers also.





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